Mission, Vision and the Matrix 6

The Mission

The Matrix mission is to focus on our 6 A’s (attitude, ability, awareness, agility, attack, achieve) to constantly and consistently strive to achieve our vision. In doing so, we will deliver excellence through operational effectiveness to meet and exceed our commitments to all stakeholders.

The Vision

The vision of Matrix is to create the best footballers on the planet and to do so by developing each of our members to the maximum of their potential – as players, coaches, leaders and human beings.

The Style

The Matrix is a system based around thousands of carefully designed technical skills and drills in accordance with providing a high defensive line, positional interchange, and use of possession to control match play. The Matrix style can be achieved by athletes of all sizes and stature but requires an exceptional dedication to skill, fitness and intellectual acumen.

Alex Curran - Attitude


A healthy attitude and good discipline are key characteristics for every successful player and help to enhance the learning process.

Stefan Mols - Ability


The best players work long and hard on improving and refining their technical ability and we encourage the same dedication.

Scott McTominay - Awareness


The Matrix method develops a player’s vision and awareness, teaching him or her to read the game and be conscious of team-mates.

Adam Henley - Agility


Football is a fast-paced game and it’s important to continually improve the agility of young players, through technical drills and mini games.

Joe Grayson - Attack


This encourages players to improve the attacking part of their game, developing passing techniques and the mental and physical aspects of beating opponents.

John Cofie - Achievements


The final building block harmonises all the above elements, enabling Matrix players to work individually or within a team, unlocking opponents and creating goalscoring opportunities.